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Nasal Irrigation Instructions


Nasal irrigation is important to the post-operative process for many nasal operations and for continuing treatment of various conditions, including chronic sinusitis. It should be used as needed for sinus congestion and as directed after surgical procedures.

Instructions for nasal irrigation:

  1. Create a normal saline solution by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt into 1 quart of boiling water.
  2. Store the solution in a plastic bottle at room temperature.
  3. Purchase a bulb syringe from the drug store.
  4. Squeeze bulb syringe, please it into the saline solution and release the bulb to fill the syringe.
  5. While leaning over a sink, insert the tip of the syringe about 1-2 centimeters into each nostril.
  6. Gently squeeze the bulb syringe to irrigate the nose.
  7. Blow the nose gently after the first irrigation.
  8. Repeat the irrigation with the second syringe full of saline on the same side.
  9. Follow the steps above to irrigate the other nostril.
  10. Perform these irrigations at least four times per day.
  11. Commercially prepared nasal saline sprays may be used in between irrigations to help moisturize the nasal mucosa.

Irrigations using a water pick:

  1. Mix solution as described above.
  2. Set the irrigator to the lowest pressure setting.
  3. Insert the irrigator tip into the nostril.
  4. While leaning over a sink, irrigate the nose for 30 seconds.


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