Every time we squint, laugh, or express emotions by smiling or furrowing our brows, facial muscles contract, causing the skin to wrinkle. These lines, creases, and wrinkles may make you look angry, anxious, or fatigued, even when you are not. Erase wrinkles, smooth lines and look younger without surgery and with no downtime with Botox™ and fillers like Juvederm. More than 15 years into the anti-aging race and Botox™ is tied with facial fillers for the most popular non-surgical treatment. Our injectable and filler treatments are carefully chosen to help provide both men and women with non-surgical options for reducing those lines, creases, and wrinkles and improving the health and longevity of their skin.

An in-office consultation will help determine which combination of treatments might be right for you to get the best result. From injections (Botox) to fillers (Juvederm), the possibilities are endless.

Here’s what Botox™ and Juvederm products can do for you:

  • Look happy instead of tired or sad

  • Brighten your eyes: between and above eyebrows, crow’s feet

  • Turn up the corners of a down-turned mouth

  • Smooth forehead wrinkles

  • Improve or remove lip lines (“smoker’s lines”)

  • Replace lost volume in cheek area

  • Enhance lips with subtle increases in volume for a natural look